Create your own subtitle for any movies

Create your own subtitle for any movies:

Most of the movies we see in our DVD has subtitles in it. We just say subtitle on/off using our DVD remote. Have we ever thought about how these subtitles were created which were used by millions of people who watch the movies?

There are lot of software’s available in the internet to create the subtitles. Using these software’s you can create the subtitles for the movies frame by frame. Lets see some of the tools which can do this,

Subtitle Workshop : This is a freeware subtitle editing tool and supports all the subtitle formats. It has got spell check function and an advanced video preview feature. This tool has got a split and join facility with which you can split subtitle in an indefinite number of equal parts and join indefinite number of subtitles. It also has the option of saving the subtitle in different formats like .sub, .srt, .txt etc.

Download Link :

Subtitle Edit : This tool also does whatever we require to create a subtitle.

Download Link :

Its a bit hard to watch a movie in some other language which we don’t understand. There are website where you can download the subtitles, here are some of them.

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  • jowmwl April 19, 2011, 5:01 pm

    i want a joke subtitle

  • jowmwl April 19, 2011, 5:01 pm


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