Creating Sparklines in Excel 2013

Sparklines is a very useful feature in Excel that allows you to represent variations or trend in collected data. This features is somewhat similar to charts and graphs that also help you to represent data in a graphical manner for easy understanding. The only difference between Sparklines and charts/graphs is the former is a smaller graphical representation of data. Sparklines are displayed in the spreadsheet itself.

The Sparklines feature in Excel allow you to represent data in three different ways.

1. Line– a line represent the relative values in selected data

2. Column – tiny columns represent the relative values in selected data

3. Win/Loss – the selected data is represented in form on Win/Loss charts. Win is represented by Blue squares and Loss is represented by Red squares.

Let’s learn how to use Sparklines feature in Excel 2013.

1. Launch Microsoft Excel and open the file containing the collected data.


2. Click on Insert

3. Locate Sparklines on the Ribbon

4. Select any Sparklines option as desired (Line, Column, Win/Loss)


A dialog box opens asking you to select the data range for Sparklines and location where you want the Sparklines to be displayed

5. Select Data range and Location Range. Click on OK


(Note: Select only one column in Location Range. Selecting more than one column will give an error)

The Sparklines appear in the selected column range. You can make your Sparklines graph more detailed by adding high or low points.

6. Click on Design

7. Check the boxes First Point, Last Point, High Point, Low Point or Negative Points (Note: You can see the points appear in your Sparklines as you select these options)


Excel 2013 provides several formatting options for Sparklines which includes selecting color for Sparklines graphs, and different points on graph. The customization options for Sparklines allows the user to specify minimum and maximum value for Vertical Axis. The grouping and ungrouping option in Sparklines allows to group Sparklines with similar data. You can use normal Windows shortcut to copy, move or Paste Sparklines. Excel also allows you to switch range of data used in Sparklines- from column to row or row to column.

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