Crop images using MS Office Word 2007

When you want to crop an image you don’t have to use MS Paint or any third party tool to crop the image. You can use MS word without losing the quality of the image. Here are some simple steps about how to crop the image using your MS word,

Let me take a screenshot of this window itself and show you how to crop the wanted and avoid unwanted items,


This is the screenshot I have taken; now click the image that you want to crop where you can see the extra tab “Format”. When you click on the Format tab you can see the Crop tool with which you can drag the pointers and use the wanted and hide the unwanted parts.


Example shown below is the cropped image of the screenshot displayed above; this can also be used in your Outlook 2007 as it uses Word 2007.


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  • Sean Brady December 6, 2010, 5:21 am

    Awesome! I did not know you could do this with ms office! Thanks for sharing!

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