Date and Time settings in Windows 8

This tutorial is about changing Date and Time, Time Zone and Clocks on Windows 8 developer preview.

Windows 8 – Date and Time

Click the Date and Time display on the Task bar followed by Change date and time settings. This would display the following Date and Time window.

Windows 8 Date and Time

Clicking the Change date and time button will launch the Date and Time Settings window.  This provides users with the option to change Date and Time.

Windows 8 Date and Time Settings

Windows 8 – Change Time Zone

Windows 8 users can change time zone using the option available as part of the Time zone section.

Windows 8 Change Time Zone

Windows 8 – Additional Clocks

The Additional Clocks changes is similar to clock changes on Windows 7 using the Date and Time option. Additional Clocks available under Date and Time window allows users to add clocks to Windows 8 system. If you have business clients in London and Adelaide then it is good to have the time of both regions on your system. You can do this by enabling the Show this clock and then selecting the corresponding time zone as shown below.

Windows 8 Additional Clocks

Now your Windows 8 clock will display the time from all the three time zones and the first clock represents your default time zone.

Windows 8 display 3 clocks

Windows 8 – Internet Time settings

Windows 8 has a feature that lets user to synchronize their system clock with Internet Time. You can do this by clicking the Change settings button under Internet Time.

Windows 8 Internet Time

In the Internet Time Settings window, mark the check box with label as Synchronize with an internet time server and specify the server name.

Windows 8 Internet and Time Settings

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  • Finn November 4, 2012, 7:14 pm

    I have a minor question – in Win7, I could have my time display on the desktop toolbar as as 12-hour format. In Win8, however, there appears to be no way to change the toolbar clock from 24 hour time. Or am I missing something?

  • Josiah Oshindele August 31, 2014, 10:28 pm

    In Win8 I could not change date and time for example say to 80:50 01/09/2014. On my laptop computer Toshiba. I click change date and time but it always change itself without me change.

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