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New mobile phones straight from factory are filled with bloat-ware which are generally related to carrier and marketing trademark. Debranding of your handset will make you mobile much faster by removing these applications from your phone and also enabling some much useful functions which are disabled by the carrier by default. You also get the latest updates in your phone much more quickly.

Note: Debranding is very common process and generally does not give any fatal problem. However, continue this process at your own risk. Neither Sony Ericsson nor Digital Answers/ will take responsibility for any problems caused whatsoever.


a. Remove SIM and Memory card from phone.

b. Recharge the battery to full 100% charge before continuing with flash.

c. Never carry this step with devices running on battery (such as laptop, notebook, handheld devices, etc)

What’s required

1. Download the latest version of flash tools from xda-developers (

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2. Connect your phone to computer and select the USB Debugging option from the list. Also tick unknown sources under Menu->Settings->Applications

3. Extract the downloaded FlashTool file to a folder of your choice. Press ‘Parcourir’ to choose the folder then press ‘Extraire’ to extract the files.

4. Download the Xperia arc firmware from This is version 3.0.A.2.181 of the global firmware for LT15i handsets.

5. Unzip the firmware to reveal the ‘FTF’ file. Place this file in the Flashtool/firmwares folder.

6. Open the ‘X10FlashTool’ application in the FlashTool folder. Click ‘Flash’.

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  • littlerachet July 26, 2011, 4:37 am

    This does not work for me. The Flashtool says “5/058/2011 23:58:47 – ERROR – Cannot identify your device. Found LT1 while expecting X10, E10, U20 or E15 (read from ro.product.model from build.prop)
    Any ideas how to fix this? Looks like my phone is not recognised. It is an Xperia Arc

  • laxmi June 28, 2012, 2:10 pm


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