Different Presentation views in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 has different presentation views with each one designed for specific purposes. The four different views available in PowerPoint are

  • Normal
  • Slide Sorter
  • Notes Page
  • Reading View


Normal is set to be the default presentation view (but you can change default view) and you will be working on this view most of the time when making any changes to the current slide. This view also has Notes Page Pane at the bottom of the screen.

Slide Sorter

Slide Sorter view allows users to navigate easily between different slides. You can easily apply any changes to all the slides from this view

Notes Page

Notes page view is suitable view for adding notes to PowerPoint. Check out adding notes to slides for more information on this view.


This shows the slide that fits within the window and you can change to this view when you want to proof read or rehearse.

PowerPoint users can navigate between different views by clicking the view menu and using the menu options available as part of Presentation section.


If you want to quickly navigate all the views expect Notes Page then you can use the option available as part of the status bar.


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