Different ways to protect workbook using Excel 2013

Excel 2013 provides users with different option to protect worksheet and workbook like Mark as Final, Encrypt with Password, Protect Current Worksheet, Protect Workbook Structure. Protect Workbook can be accessed using the File –> Info option.

Protect Workbook in Excel 2013

Mark as Final

Mark as Final will let the readers know that the workbook is final and it has been made read-only. On selecting the Mark as Final option from the Protect Workbook, the following confirmation message will be displayed.

The workbook will be marked as final

And on further saving the Workbook, the following info window will be shown.


The status bar will display the Marked as Final flag as shown below.


In the document properties. the status will be set to Final.


You can still edit a Marked as Final workbook by clicking the Edit Anyway button available at the top.


Password Protection

Encrypt with Password allows users to set password for protecting workbook. One you select Protect Workbook from File –> Info, click the Encrypt with Password option.

Encrypt Workbook Excel 2013

Now enter a password to protect the workbook then click the Ok button. After re-entering the password you would notice that “A password is required to open this workbook” under Protect Workbook section.

Protect Workbook

Whenever any one tries open the protected workbook the following Password Prompt will be displayed. And only after entering the correct password, the workbook will opened for editing.


Removing Password Protection

If you want to remove the password set for opening the Workbook then use the option available as part of the Save As dialog.


Click File –> Save As and in the Save As dialog box, navigate to Tools drop down menu and select General Options. Now to remove the password set for opening workbook, clear the entries in Password to open field. Then click Ok button to confirm and save the changes.


Protect Current Sheet

The Protect Current Sheet option provides users with option to control the list operations that can allowed for other users. For example, you can prevent other users from Format Cells, Format Columns, Insert Rows, Insert Columns and many more..


You can also specify Password to unprotect sheet so that no restrictions are applied for the users who know the password.

Protect Workbook Structure

The Protect Workbook Structure provides option to prevent other users from making changes to structure of the workbook such as adding new worksheet, hiding or unhiding worksheet and even changing position of the worksheet window.


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