Different ways to save a web page in Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 allows users to save a web page content in four different ways as a Complete Webpage, Web Archive, Webpage – HTML only and as text file. To save a Webpage in IE 9, Click the File menu and then select Save as from the list of available menu. If you can’t find File menu then check how to unhide menu bar in Internet Explorer 9.


In the Save Webpage dialog box, navigate to Save as type and choose your desired type.


Webpage, Complete – If you want to save the webpage along with content, images graphics etc. All these information will be saved as a different file.


Web Archive, single file – All the webpage content will be saved in a one single archive file.

Webpage – HTML only – Only the HTML will be saved and not the associated images, graphics etc..

Text File – Only the content and will be saved to a Text file.

After selecting the required Save as type, click Save button to save the webpage.

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