Display Date Created in finder view on Mac OS

The Finder view on Mac OS by default does not display the Date Created field for the documents, folders and other items. And if you want to know the date created for these items then you can enable this using Finder View options.

In the Finder View Options window, tick the check box with label as Date Created.

This would display the Date Created column for the respective items as shown above.

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Ravi Shankar

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  • Don Boras July 24, 2012, 11:42 pm

    Thanks for this. I’ve just started using Lion on my MacBook Pro, and was going crazy trying to figure out to add a “Date Created” column to the Finder list view (I have a lot of similarly-named documents, and needed to work on the most recent versions). This certainly is not as intuitive as a lot of other Mac functions. Much obliged.

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