Do you know these settings in Gmail?

Gmail as we all know the most popular email service provider used by most of the internet users. Here we are going to see two useful settings related with Gmail.

Turn On/Off Conversation in Gmail

Gmail has a feature that let users to group their conversation with the contacts. This is quite useful when you want to take a quick look at the email exchanges you had with your contact. And Gmail also provides option to turn off conversation view


Step 1: Login to your Gmail account, click Gear icon and select Settings from the drop down list.

Step 2: Navigate to Conversation view under General Settings.


Step 3: Using the Conversation view on or off switch button you can turn ON/OFF this feature.

Search email based on attachment size

Gmail search feature provides various filter criteria to filter the emails. If you want to search emails based on attachment size then you can turn on the “size greater than or less than” option.


Step 1: Click the arrow pointing downwards at the top of Gmail to launch the search options.

Step 2: Mark the check box with caption with “Has attachment” and “Don’t include chats”. This would include all emails with attachment but exclude all chat messages.


And to find out the list of emails with attachment size greater than 5 MB, set the size drop down to greater than and value as “5”. Click the Search icon should list all the emails messages with attachment size greater than 5 MB.

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