Easiest way to delete multiple contacts on your iPad or iPhone

Having trouble in finding out a way to delete multiple contacts on iPad or iPhone. How about using iCloud sync hack for solving this problem. There in no direct way for removing multiple contacts on your Apple device but you can use iCloud – Contacts Sync option for this purpose.

Please note that this would delete all contacts from your device and cannot be used for removing specific (multiple) contacts.

Step 1: Tap the Setting icon on your iPad or iPhone.

iCloud Conatcts iPad

Step 2: Navigate to iCloud option under Settings then turn on the Contacts option for iCloud. Then select Merge option to merge your contacts with iCloud.

Merge Contacts

Step 3: Now turn off the Contacts Sync and you will be prompted “What would you like to do with the previously synched iCloud contacts on your iPad”, Keep on My IPad, Delete from My iPad or Cancel.

Delete from My iPad

Tap Delete from My iPad to delete all the contacts from your device (iPhone or iPad).

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