EditPlus – How to open files from Remote machines

You don’t have to go each and every remote machine’s to open up the files (text files etc). EditPlus has the option of connecting the remote machine and open the files that you want to. Here are some steps how to access remote machine.

1. Open EditPlus

2. Click File -> FTP -> Open Remote


3. When you click Open Remote you get the screen shown below, Click Setting button to add the remote machine first.


4. When you click Setting, you get the below screen where you can add your remote machine.


5. Click the Add button after providing all the remote machine details in required columns and click OK. (FTP server, username and password)

6. Now you will be taken back to the previous screen (Open remote File). Click the drop down box list for Account, where you can see the remote machine which is added recently and click Browse button to access the files from the directories.


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  • anitha May 5, 2011, 2:44 pm

    it is very good and some informaiton to b added

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