Enable Airplane mode in Android Smartphone

The Airplane mode in Android phone disables wireless connections temporarily, unless it is re-enabled again. This feature was developed for safe travelling in airplanes without the need of switching off the device. When you are in flight or any meeting, you can prevent from anyone calling you or emails popping up by selecting and enabling the Airplane mode option. The tutorial below will show you how to enable/ disable this mode in your handset.

1. First, go to Main Menu and then click on Settings option.

2. Now, select Wireless and Networks

3. Now select Airplane Mode from the list.

4. The item will show a message Disabling all wireless connections. Wait for the process to complete, and you will see a green tick mark beside the item. Your phone is now in Airplane mode.

5. To disable the Airplane mode, simply tap the option again and it will disable, hence enabling all wireless network connections.

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