Epic – first-ever web browser for India

Finally a new web browser from India called Epic. You might have used the browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. This is a free download with a file size of 10mb. You can download this from http://www.epicbrowser.com/

Start executing the exe file when you are done with the download. You will be asked to import the bookmarks, history etc from your IE or Firefox. You can either ignore this by selecting “Don’t import anything” and finish off the installation.


clip_image003 Notice the logo something like an Indian flag. Here is the screenshot of the epic browser,


Look at the side bar which is a very unique feature here.

See the most familiar and often used websites like Gmail, Orkut, Face book Twitter, Yahoo etc. With these icons just click them and you will be taken to the websites directly without typing the address. The sidebar has applications like antivirus scanner, word processor and 1500+ more apps.

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