Excel : Find out age from birthdate

Let us say you want to determine the age from the entered birthdate then you can use the below formula to find out the age



Functions Used :-

  • DAYS360 – Returns number of days between two dates based on a 360-day year.
  • NOW – Returns Current date and time
  • ROUND – Rounds a number to specified number of digits.

Step 1: Use DAYS360 function to determine the difference between the birthdate (C5) and Current date (NOW)

e.g. For birth day entered as “23/12/2007” (C5), the result for =(DAYS360(C5,NOW())) is 1978

Step 2: Divide the result from step 1 by 365.

Step 3: Round of the result of step 2 by number of digits set to 0.

You can avoid step 3, if you set cell formatting to Number with 0 decimal places. The Shortened formula would be with out ROUND i.e.. DAYS360(C5,NOW())/365


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