Execute trace route command in Windows 8

The tracert command helps users to diagnose and display the path of a network address from your system. If you have downloaded the new Windows 8 developer preview then you can follow the below steps to run tracert command.

Launch Command Prompt

Click the Start button and select Search from the menu list.

Windows 8 Search

In the Search window, select Apps and type Command as search text and press Enter key. This should display the Command Prompt in the Search Results.

Windows 8 Search Results

Execute tracert Command

Now type tracert comand and the network address for which you want run this diagnostic tool.

Windows 8 Command Prompt

The result will be displayed in the Command Prompt window as shown above.

If you own a website and find your website inaccessible then run this diagnostic command and send the results to your hosting provider for analyzing the issue.

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