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FacePAD – Download Facebook albums in seconds


Downloading photos from Facebook is a tedious job when there are lots. And now if you have noticed Facebook started displaying the photos in a different way where there is no option of saving the image.

FacePAD is really a cool application which does this for you even without saving each and every image. This application comes as an add-on for Mozilla browser. Here are some simple steps to get this add-on,

1. Open you Mozilla browser

2. Go to this url –

3. Click Accept & Install button which will guide you install the add-on.

4. When the installation is done you will have to restart your browser.

5. Now logon to you facebook and select any album which you want to download, right click in the album and see a new option – “Download Album with FacePAD”

6. Select this option and this will ask where to store all the images and the prefix of the photos that should start with.

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  • This is really a very cool application, as i wasnt able to download pictures in FB (after FB has changed something) after installing this app i able to dw lots of images in seconds. Thanks for this tip………….

  • Link is not working, there’s no addon called facePAD

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