faxZERO FAX Services – Send a fax for free online.

  • image  faxZERO provides online free fax services through this you can send fax for free to any where in the U.S and Canada. The process of sending fax through this service is simple. The following steps have to done to send a fax
  • Provide sender information like name, company, fax number and email address.
  • Provide Receiver information such as name, company and the Fax number.
  • Fax information, this can be a document (.DOC or .PDF type) or you can enter a text.

Using the free services you can send maximum of 2 faxes per day and each fax can contain maximum of 3 pages. And incase if your business needs more than 2 faxes then you can opt for the premium services for $1.99 per fax.

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  • Free Fax June 7, 2009, 11:06 pm

    GotFreeFax.com is another website that lets user send free fax online to the US and Canada. No Ads added to fax. No need to signup or login. User can either enter rich text or upload a PDF/Word file to fax. Free service has limit of 3 pages per fax and 2 faxes per day.

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