Fill rows and columns with Time values in Excel

This tutorial is about the different steps required automatically generate time based data as shown below in Excel.


The difference between the rows and columns are 10, 17, 19 , 25 and 15 respectively. Instead of manually entering these values, we can automatically generate using the TIME function and excel auto fill feature.

Step 1: Make sure to set format for the cells to hh:mm. This would ensure that leading zero is added for minutes. Select Cells > Right Click > Format Cells > Custom Format > Choose hh:mm

Step 2: Now navigate to the D6 and enter the value as =D5+TIME(0,10,0). This is to add to 10 minutes to value specified in D5. Repeat the same for D7, D8 and D9 with =D5+TIME(0,17,0), =D5+TIME(0,19,0), =D5+TIME(0,25,0).


Step 3: Select Values entered in the column D and use the Auto fill feature to copy the values to column E. Then change E5 to 07:15 and this automatically generate values for E6 to E9.


Step 4: Now select both D and E and use the auto fill feature to copy the values for F and G.



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