Find out the space utilised by App on iPad 2

This is about the setting on iPad 2 which helps users to find out the space taken by the Apps on iPad 2. Useful to determine the amount space taken by each individual installed app.

Tap the Settings icon on the iPad Home screen then navigate to Usage option under General Settings.

Usage Option iPad 2

Tap the Usage option, this would display the following screen with name of the app along with the used storage space.

iPad 2 App Storage

Tapping on Show all Apps would list down all the apps installed on iPad 2. If you find an app that you are not using and if takes lots of space then you can delete the app from the Storage screen. Tap the App that you want delete and this would display the following screen with Delete App option.

iPad 2 Delete App

Note :- Deleting any app will delete the documents and data associated with the app as well. Tags: ,,,,
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