Find out the websites storing data on iPhone 4S

In this tutorial, we will be providing step by step instruction for finding out the list of websites that are storing data on your iPhone 4S. The Website data gets stored on your iPhone whenever you access these sites using Safari browser. Now if you want remove data from certain websites or delete all websites data then you can use the option available as part of the Safari settings.

Step 1: Press the menu button and access the Home screen on your iPhone.


Step 2: Tap the Settings icon in the Home screen.


Step 3: Scroll down and tap the Safari option in the Settings screen.


Step 4: In the Safari Settings, scroll down and tap the Advanced option.

Step 5: The Advanced Safari Settings should display the following option.


Now tapping the Website Data will display the list of websites storing data along with storage size.


Step 6: If you want to remove data from specific website only then tap the Edit button and choose the website.

201211111619.jpg 201211111620.jpg

And by tapping the Remove All Website Data should clear the data stored for all websites from your iPhone.

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