Five extensions on Google Chrome browser tabs

In this articles we will see five google chrome extensions providing features on browser tabs.

Panic Button

Google Chrome Extension - Panic Button

This extension allows users to quickly close all the open tabs in Google Chrome with single mouse click or using keyboard shortcut. After closing the tabs, you can restore it by again clicking the green panic button. This will be quite handy, when you are browsing during your office hours and want to hide the tabs when your boss comes to your desk.

Undo Closed Tab

Undo Close Tab - Chrome Extension.

Sexy Undo Closed Tabs extension provides users with an option for restoring any tab closed by mistake. You can select from the list of closed web pages and undo your action.

Tab Statistics

Tab Statistics - Chrome Extension

This is a simple extension providing the count of tabs opened from installation and the highest tabs opened on a single day. If you are interested in numbers then probably you can install this other wise nothing much I can see from this extension.

Tab Menu

Tab Menu - Google Chrome Extension

This extension allows users to select, close, rearrange and search tabs from a toolbar menu.

Too Many Tabs for Chrome

Too Many Tabs For Chrome - Google Chrome Extension

This plugin is master for all tabs related Google Chrome extensions. Provides different features such as importing tab data, preview of all opened tabs, list of closed or suspended tabs, restoring of recently closed tabs, sorting of tabs and more.

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