Five new things in Outlook 2013 you need to know

Outlook 2013 brings several new features that makes mail management easy. The interface of Outlook 2013 is revamped to make it more user friendly. Microsoft has always mentioned Outlook is more than a mail client. It is designed to work as your personal information manager. Microsoft has ensured all important functionalities of Outlook are right in front of your eyes which means less digging into menus. Let’s take a look at five new exciting features in Outlook 2013.

1. View only unread messages:

Microsoft has provided the unread mail filter right beside the Inbox. In older versions, you were required to go to Filters-> Unread mail to view unread mail in your Inbox. With unread filter right in front, you can easily view all unread mails and reply to them. This feature saves you from unnecessary scrolling through you Inbox to view and find unread messages.


2. Message preview:

Outlook 2013 presents you with different message preview options. A message preview is a useful feature as it gives glimpse of the text in the message. It can help you get an idea about the importance of the message by reading few words or lines of text from the message. The Message preview comes with three different options- 1 Line, 2 Lines and 3 Lines. To use this feature,

Go to View -> Message Preview and select any one option.


3. Attachment Reminder:

Outlook 2013 features new attachment reminder that reminds you to attach document to the mail message. This saves you from taking effort of sending another mail to recipient just because you did not remember to attach file. The attachment reminder automatically pops up if you have mentioned sending of an attachment or document in message body.


4. View social activity of your contacts

Looking at the importance of the Social Media platforms, Outlook 2013 presents you with an option to view social activity of your contacts through Outlook user interface. You can connect to Facebook, LinkedIn and SharePoint or other social media platforms. To view social activity of your contacts, follow the steps given below.

· Click on Contacts Pic that appear on the right hand bottom corner of the application

· Click on What’s New


· Click on Connect to your online social networks

· A window pops, click on Next

· Select the social network you want to connect to


· Enter your username and password


· Click on Connect

· Click on Finish

· The latest activity of the contact now appears in the “All” section of the contact.

5. Quick view of Daily Schedule:

Hovering your mouse pointer on Calendar icon will give you details about the appointment and schedule of the day. You are no longer required to open the Calendar tab to get view of your appointments for the day.


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