Flagged messages in Hotmail

Hotmail users can mark important emails by Flagging the message. The flagged message by default appear at the top of the inbox and also as part of Quick Views.


Users can flag an email message by clicking the Flag icon appearing inline with the message. The marked message would be immediately be displayed at the top of the inbox. Even if you are not in Inbox, you can access these flagged messages using the Quick Views.


Don’t show flagged messages at top of Inbox

If you have too many flagged messages then you always need to scroll down to read all your unread/new emails. Instead you can turn off the settings which display all the flagged messages at the top inbox. Click the Options menu and select More Options from the menu list. In the Hotmail Options screen, navigate to Customizing Hotmail section and click Flagging option.


Under the Flagging option, choose “Don’t show flagged messages at the top of the inbox” and click the Save button.

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