Free Download – Vista Sidebar for your Windows XP Desktop

For those who are unable to upgrade your XP operating system to MS Vista will miss most of the vista features. One of them is Vista Sidebar.

Here is the third party tool from Thoosje for you XP to have the Vista Sidebar. It works on all resolutions. Not to worry about the performance of your system once you install this, as the tool uses very less memory.

The tool has gadgets like Media players, Sticky’s, Calculators, Google search, yahoo search, and lot of more search engines. Gadget settings are stored in the registry so that there is no way it would get reset to default setting after you restart you computer.

Some of the Gadget’s of Vista Sidebar:

RSS, Internet search like Google, yahoo etc., Mail, System Uptime, Media Player, Clock with more adjustable skins, Recycle bin, Picture slider, Hard disk Status reader, CPU and RAM reader, Internet Traffic, Calendar, Weather and lots more…


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  • charlie pastoril June 17, 2009, 3:01 pm

    i love viewing my desktop customized.

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