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We have seen Free Online HTML to PDF Converter, similarly here is another free PDF converter.

doPDF7 is a tool which helps to convert any file to PDF and this tool is a freeware. You will have to download this tool from ( ) and install it on your computer. This is very light software and will not consume much space.


Here are the steps about how to get your document converted to PDF.

1. When you are done with the installation, you don’t have to run this software at all.

2. Let’s see how you can convert a word document into PDF, open any word document that you have already.

3. Go to File -> Print, now you can see here from the drop down box of Printer Name – doPDF v7, this tool acts as a virtual printer and when you click OK button your document gets converted to a PDF. (See screenshot below)


4. Now let’s see how to convert a text file to PDF, even for converting the text files to PDF, you don’t have to run the software. Open the text file, click File -> Print and this case the screen is bit different when compared to the word setup. Now you will get the screen like the one shown below. Click the Print button and it will ask where you want the PDF file to be stored, say the location and click OK to get the PDF file.


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