Get SMS reminder to watch your favourite TV Show

How many times you have  missed watching your favourite TV programme. You don’t have to worry any more, Burrp.Tv has a feature that sends out SMS reminder to watch favourite TV shows in India.

Register Your Mobile

Create a account in then navigate to Mobile section available under your user profile. Enter your mobile number and click on the Send Activation Code. You should receive the activation code on your mobile in couple of minutes. Now enter the activation code and click on the Register My Mobile button.


This would display the confirmation message that your phone has been registered successfully.

Select your programme

To select a TV programme for which you want to receive alert, navigate to TV menu then click on the TV Guide down arrow. This would display the following TV Guide menu option.


Select your programme based on the Categories or Genres or channels option. For example if you want to watch a movie in HBO, then select HBO under Channels section and the movie you want to watch.


This would display the page with the following menu option along with the details of the selected movie.


Click on Set SMS Reminder link and select the time before which you want to receive the SMS alert.


If you want the alert this to be a one time SMS alert then click on the Set One-Time Reminder.

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