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As we have already discussed about ‘How to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail’, now let’s see how to customize them. Google mail has now come up with an option of allowing the users to customize the keyboard shortcuts. To do this go to Gmail Labs (icon next to your settings link) search for the text – ‘Custom keyboard shortcuts’ and enable this option (as shown below) and click ‘Save Changes’ button in the bottom of the page.


Go to the settings page where you can see the link ‘keyboard shortcuts’. Click this link and you get the page like the one shown below,


The shortcut key for ‘Compose’ mails is set as ‘c’ now you can change this to ‘C’ and for compose and show cc field it has been set as ‘d’ if you want this can be changed as ‘CC’. Likewise change whatever the shortcut keys you prefer and click ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the page and start using your custom keyboard shortcuts.

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