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This tutorial provides information on the chat settings in Google+. The Chat section in Google+ is available on the left hand side of the page. If you want quickly change the chat status then click on the displayed status message and select the required status.

Google+ Chat  Status

To access the Chat settings, you can either click on the displayed status message as shown above and select the Chat settings from the drop down list or you can click on the down arrow available for the Chat and select Settings from the list.

Google+ Chat  Settings

Configure Audio and Video Settings

Using Chat Settings, you can configure your Microphone, Speaker and Camera by using the required drop down boxes.

Chat Settings

And to test the configured audio and video options, click on the Verify your settings link.

Verify your Settings

Please Note:- In the above screenshot, the camera option is not enabled as I don’t have a camera connected to my PC.

Sound Notification

Another important feature that is available as part of the Chat settings is the option to enable or disable the sound notification when a new chat messages arrives. This featured can be turned off by un ticking the checkbox with label as Play a sound notification when new chat messages arrive.

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