Hidden Android Easter Egg

There are lots of hidden items in the Android Operating System; one of them is the Android Easter Egg. Not everyone knows about this as they are for some purpose hidden in the system. It also displays the Android version of your phone.

To see the Android Easter egg, go to Settings and tap on About phone and then tap 5 times on the Android version. You can see the Android Easter egg with the Android version. It will be like the one as shown the first screenshot below. When you tap again couple of times you could see the Jelly Beans floating around, it will be a kind of live wallpaper.

If it doesn’t work try again, by tapping it 5 times on the Android version. The first screenshot was taken before KitKat upgrade so it shows the Android 4.3 JELLY BEAN. The second screenshot was taken after kitKat update. You could see the third screen shot when you double tap after seeing the ‘K’ icon.

Android Jelly Bean Android KitKat Android 4.4.2

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