Hide Sheet , Gridlines and Formula bar in Google Docs Spreadsheet

This tutorial is about the steps required to hide sheet, Gridlines and Formula bar in a Google Docs Spreadsheet.

Hide Sheet in Spreadsheet

A sheet in Google Docs Spreadsheet can be hidden by clicking the down arrow icon on the sheet tab and selecting hide from the menu list.

And to unhide a sheet, click the View menu then navigate to Sheet and select the sheet that you want to unhide.

Hide Formula bar and Gridlines in Googe Docs Spreadsheet

if you are planning to use your spreadsheet for displaying images and you do not want the Gridlines then you can hide. To turn off the Gridlines, click the View menu and un tick the Gridlines menu option.

Similarly to hide the formula bar in Google Docs Spreadsheet, un tick the Formula bar menu option available under View menu.

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