History Trends – displays statistics of browsing history

History Trends is Google Chrome extension that displays the statistics of your entire browsing history. The statistics are displayed as visual charts that helps to analyze the data quickly. The different statistics available are

  • Top 10 most visited domains and urls
  • Top 10 busiest days
  • Daily statistics


  • The Time of Day which is busiest helps you do identify the period when your are doing lot of browsing. Based on the data you can change your working pattern and be more efficient in your work.


This extension also display the Days of Week, Day of Month and Month statistics. And using the Transition Type chart you can get an idea about how the browser navigated to page.


A useful extension to control your unnecessary browsing activities. This has helped me to reduce the number of times checking your emails, Google Adsense account, visiting news website.

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Ravi Shankar

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