How to add border to page in Word

Users of Word 2016 and Word 2013 can use the Page Borders option (Under Design menu) to add border for a page in Word document. This is quite useful when you are adding photos to selected page and would like have a border for that page or want to insert border for first page of your document.

Step 1: Click the Design menu and select Page Borders option under Page Background.


Step 2: In the Borders and Shading window, select type of border under the Setting option. The different Setting are None (default), Box, Shadow, 3-D and Custom.


Step 3: You can choose the style for border lines using the Style drop down.


Step 4: Like style you can choose Color, Specify Width for the Border and Art option if needed.

Border with Color


Border with Art


Step 5: Now if you want to apply the borders for only the first page or a section then you can use the Apply to option to specify this detail.


Step 6: If you do not want the border to be included for Header and Footer then click the Options window.


In the Border and Shading Options window, Select Text for the Measure from drop down then navigate to Options section and un tick the Surround header and Surround footer. By this way Word 2013 users can insert and customize borders in a Word document.

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  • Alexander July 25, 2016, 8:07 am

    But you can’t save it. Once you save, close and re-open the file you have edited, the border will not show like surrounding the header and footer.

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