How to add new search engine to Google Chrome

Google Crome users can add new search engine to the existing list using the Manage search engines option. Generally the Default Search engine list includes Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Now if you want to add a new search engine to this list, say DuckDuckGo then follow the mentioned steps.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser and right click on the Address bar.


Step 2: Select Edit Search Engines option from the list.


Step 3: Navigate to the bottom of Other Search Engines list.


Step 4: You need provide appropriate values for Add a new Search engine, Keyword and URL with %s fields. Enter the name of the search engine as DuckDuckGo, Keyword as and URL with %s in place as


Step 5: Click the Make Default option if you want the newly added search engine to be the default.


By this way you can set new search engine in Google Chrome browser.

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