How to always open blank workbook in Excel 2011 for Mac

Excel 2011 users will be presented with the following “Excel workbook gallery” whenever they launch the Application. This is quite useful when you want choose different template for workbook. But if most of the time you are planning to use blank workbook then you can turn off the display of workbook gallery screen.


Method 1:

In Workbook Gallery screen, mark the check box with caption as “Don’t show this when opening excel” to turn off the display of Workbook Gallery Screen.


Method 2:

Workbook Gallery screen can also be accessed by clicking File menu and selecting New Template. Then follow the step mentioned in Methods 1.


Method 3:

Another alternate way to turn off the Gallery screen is by using General Options.

Step 1: Click Excel menu and select Preferences from the list.

Step 2: Click the General option under Authoring Section


Step 3: Un mark the check box with caption as “Open Excel Workbook Gallery when application opens“.


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