How to assign keyboard shortcut for applications on Windows 8

Assigning keyboard shortcut for any Windows 8 applications can be done using the option available as part of File Properties. Let us see how to assign keyboard shortcut for Word 2013 installed on Windows 8.

Assign Keyboard shortcut for Word 2013 application on Windows 8

Step 1: Navigate to Windows 8 Metro Style menu and right click on Word 2013 and select Open file location option available at the bottom of the window.


Step 2: Right click on Word 2013 file shortcut and select Properties from the menu list.


If you are wondering how to get check box next to file selection then check the article on how to display check boxes for file selection .

Step 3: In the Word 2013 Properties window, navigate to Shortcut Key and press any key on the keyboard.


Step 4: Now hold the keys that you want to assign as Keyboard Shortcut. For example, you want Ctrl + Alt + F9 as Keyboard Shortcut, then simultaneously hold all the three keys.

Step 5: Click the Apply button then Continue button to confirm the changes.


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