Automatically remove duplicate rows in Microsoft Excel

Remove duplicates rows in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010

There would be many occasion where we would require to find duplicate rows in a given set of data. Excel 2010 provides a feature which can be used to automatically remove duplicate rows from the data provided in a tabular form.

For example, let us consider the below set of data


In the above data, there is a duplicate row (B, 27). Using Excel 2010, the duplicate rows can be automatically removed by selecting the required data and clicking on the Remove Duplicates under the Data menu.

Remove duplicates option in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010

This would display the following Remove Duplicates dialog box.

delete duplicate values in Excel 

Select the column which needs to considered for deleting the duplicate values.  For the above example data, let us go with Name and Age columns.


Click OK to continue with the operation. After checking for duplicates, the following status message would be displayed with number of duplicate values found and removed.


The example data after checking for duplicate would be shown as below

excels rows after removing duplicate values

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