How to AutoPlay your Audio and Video files in Windows 7

We might be interested to view the movies in VLC media player rather than watching them on Windows media player. At the same time listening audio songs we would prefer Winamp. When we double click the audio file it should automatically use winamp and when click the video files it should by default select VLC. If we tell Windows 7 about how to do it for once it will take care. Lets see how to set these options for once,

1. Go to Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound

2. Under heading Auto Play, click Change default settings for media or devices

3. Now you get a screen like the one shown below,


4. Select for different media any player that you wish. For example DVD movie – select VLC, audio songs select Winamp etc. So when you are done with the selections click Save, this will take care of the media that would use the players selected here. See the sample screenshot shown below,

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