How to avoid unwanted calls on Nokia 5800

When you are in a situation to avoid unwanted calls instead of picking up the phone and cut the call is really a very tedious job. Here is an application which does this job for you. Go to OVI store and download the application called as “Black List”. When you are done with the installation process you would see the same in you applications and here comes the steps how to use it,



  1. Open the Blacklist application and you would see the screen as below,



  1. Click Turn on button to get this application activated.
  2. Now click the edit button to add the numbers or contacts to avoid the calls



  1. From the screen shot below you can
    1. have the List name as you wish
    2. List type as Black list as it is
    3. Correspondents is the one where you have to add the numbers you wish to avoid calls
    4. Reject type, you have two types either send busy tone or Reject and send SMS



  1. When you are done with these setting, you can be hassle free to get any unwanted calls as the application will now take care of them.
  2. Just to see how the application works you can see the logs. This will show how the calls have been rejected and handled. Click the options and click view log.


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  • manjula October 1, 2010, 11:15 pm

    i was really worried when i was getting wrong calls and from unknown numbers.the black list technique is useful.

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