How to buy a mobile phone?

There are varieties of mobile phones available in market and we have a tough time in making the decision. Here I have listed down most of the features and preferences one should consider while selecting a mobile phone.

  • Budget – First and foremost it is the budget. So try to select phones with in your budget.
  • Size – What is the size of the phone looking for? Small or Average and also should it be slim. Also consider the size of the keypad when you are preferring a small sized phones. You should feel comfortable using the keypad.
  • Color display – Looking for the picture quality then prefer a better resolution phones.
  • Battery Life – Battery Life is a major deciding factor. So if you are person talking with the phone for a long period of time then prefer a phone which gives more talk time.
  • Flip Cover – Flip cover gives extra protection to your key pads and this also reduces the size of the phone, but not every one will prefer this because this restricts the user to access phone functions easily.
  • Messaging – If you use the phone for sending lots of text messages then you should make sure that you are comfortable with the Phone keypad.
  • Built-in Camera – Want to take pictures using your mobile phone then go for a camera phone, not all camera phone match a digital camera quality but they are slowly catching up. Also remember that most of the secured places may not prefer people carrying built-in camera phone so if you are going to visit these places often then stay away from camera phone.
  • Music Player – If you are a music lover and you want to listen to your favorites songs then your choice should be a mobile phone with a music player.
  • Tri Band – Want your phone to work in America, Europe and Asia then go for a Tri Band phone and a GSM handset.
  • PDA or Palm – If you want work from you phone then you might need a PDA or Palm phones, so that you access your emails, and review documents. This is a quite handy for people who travel a lot but still need to access their work related items.
  • Memory – Want to store lot of pictures, songs, contact information then a high memory phone is a right one. It is also nice to have a expandable memory slot.
  • Bluetooth and Infrared – Want to connect your mobile phones to Laptop and other bluetooth, infared enabled devices so you can transfer data.
  • Changeable Faceplates – Want to change the looks of your phone frequently, then go for a phone which provides changeable faceplates.
  • Built-in Games – Interested in playing games, want to play games during your travel time then prefer a mobile phones which has lots of built-in games. You can also look for a phones which have games downloadable option so that you can download and play the latest mobile games.

Hope this is useful, let me know if I have missed out some important features.

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