How to Change Effects in a Music Player

There are several effects you can choose from in Samsung Wave II’s music player, but Alas! You won’t get the option to customize the effects on your own. However, the available equalizer settings and effects do sound great on headphones and you will not regret over the lack of custom effects.

  1. Go to Main Menu then navigate to Music
  2. Now you can start playing music from the playlist. It will help you differentiate the effects.
  3. Hit on More option which is in middle of the taskbar. A sub-menu will pop-up. Tap on Settings.
  4. Now you will find 2 options- the Equalizer and Effect
  5. First go to Equalizer and set your favourite equalizer
  6. Now go to Effect and set your favourite effect from the list. The Wide effect really sounds great with good bass and openness but if you are looking for clarity use Music Clarity.
  7. You can continue experimenting with the effects and choose the one that best suits to your needs.

Remember, enabling the 5.1 Dolby Digital effect will disable all equalizer and effects that you have applied from Settings. This effect is a separate function and both cannot work together, you have to choose either of them

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