How to change existing rules in Outlook 2010

We had seen how to create rules in Outlook 2010 to block emails based on their subject. And now we will see the steps required for modifying an existing rule in Outlook.

Manage Rules & Alerts

Navigate to Move section under Outlook Ribbon and click the arrow pointing downwards available below the Rules menu option. Select Manage Rules & Alerts from the drop down list.

Change Rule Outlook 2010

In the Rules and Alerts window, select the Rule that you want to change and click the Change Rule menu option. Select Edit Rule Settings from the drop down list.

Edit Rule Settings Outlook 2010

Let us say you want add one more word to check with the email subject line. Select with specific words in the subject option and enter the new search text that needs to be included in the rule.

Rules Wizard Outlook 2010

After the adding the search text, click the OK button to confirm and save the changes. Then complete Rules Wizard by clicking the Finish button.

Search Text Window

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  • Gregory October 5, 2012, 5:37 am ๎˜Š

    What this article explains is self explanatory. What is not, how to find the rule I would like to change. I cannot find any search mechanism.

  • BlackFireNova October 31, 2012, 5:26 am ๎˜Š

    I have the same issue as Gregory. I have hundreds of rules. When I run across an email that is not properly actioned by a rule I KNOW exists, I see no method available to FIND an existing rule, so I can modify it. The list of rules is so long that to manually parse the list,to try and find a rule I know exists is such a long process, that I end up creating ANOTHER rule, to manage the new condition, instead of CHANGING the existing rule.

    What method can you use to easily and rapidly locate a given rule when you want to change it? Ideally it would involve targeting a known email that the rule affects, and say “Go to that rule” Can this be done? If so How? If not, Why not. Rules have existed in Outlook since forever. If there is no search mechanism, WHY?

  • Fritz Jรถrn November 28, 2014, 4:55 pm ๎˜Š

    Seems hopeless. You might export the rules into a .rwz file and open it with the editor or Wordpad. You get garbage to see – but in the same sequence as your many rules. Search for a visible name, and you’ll know at least the rough whereabouts of your rule. Let me know if you find out more, eg how to cancel “on this computer” in all rules, making them useless after transport. Fritz

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