How to change the display language in hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail provides feature for changing the display language. This can be done using the Hotmail Options.

Click on the Options available on the right hand side and select More Options from the menu list


Scroll down to Customize your mail section and click on the Select language link.


In the Select language radio option, choose your desired language and click on the Save button available at the bottom of the page.


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  • yunsa February 22, 2011, 10:43 am

    hello im here to ask about my mails. my dad uses my computer and he set something weird on the computer so that when im getting mails i get them in korean. i dont read korean so i have no idea what the mails are trying to say to me. i have a important mail to be coming to be soon and i need to change that to english now. can someone help me? thanks.

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