How to change the HTML editor for Internet Explorer

HTML editor for Internet Explorer can be changed using the Internet Options menu. The Internet Options is available under the tools menu on the right hand side of the Internet Explorer.

Internet Options

In the Internet Options window, click on the Programs tab and navigate to HTML editing section.

HTML Editor in Internet Explorer

Using the HTML editor dropdown you can change the HTML editor used by Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). This will be used by the Internet Explorer for editing all the HTML files. For example, you are big fan of Notepad as want to use that as your default html editor then you can pick that from the HTML editor drop down list.

Change html editor to notepad in Internet Explorer

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  • Paul December 24, 2010, 5:34 am

    Ok, once I’ve set the HTML editor program, how do I access it??? In IE 8 there were two options, View HTML and Edit HTML or something to that accord. Now all I can see is View HTML. Where is the edit option gone???

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