How to clear recently accessed files in EditPlus

EditPlus has the option of storing all the recently viewed files by default. To view all the recently viewed files, open EditPlus -> File -> Recent Files


Do you want to stop EditPlus doing this? Let’s see how to do that

1. Go to Tools -> Preferences, you get the Preferences window now as shown below,


2. Click Files and you can see the option No Recent Files list, mark this

3. When you mark this option you will get a message saying to restart EditPlus to active


4. So now your Preferences window will look like this, clip_image008

5. Say OK to close the Preferences window.

6. Restart EditPlus which will clear all your recently viewed files.

7. Now open EditPlus and see the Recent Files to see all the viewed files cleared.


This feature can be used for two types,

1. To clear all the recently viewed files – activate this option and then deactivate again so that EditPlus will start storing the file list

2. To stop storing all recently viewed files – activate this option and leave it.

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  • Sujith Shetty July 23, 2010, 11:09 am

    I cant see the “No Recent Files list” section, I m using Editplus3, anyone help me?

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