How to configure DSL-502T Router for BSNL Broadband connection

The following steps have to be done to configure a DSL-502T router for BSNL broadband connection. It is assumed that the details of username and password for the broadband connection is already provided to you by your service provider.

  • Type in  in the address bar for your browser to access the DSL-502T setup page.
  • The default username and password will be admin.
  • The setup page will be displayed as shown below.

DSL Router Setup 1

  • Click on the WAN button on the right hand side of page. This should display the following page.

DSL Router Setup 2

The above settings have to be filled in for the WAN settings except for the username and password fields the rest of the fields can be kept the same. Replace the username (******@dataone) and password information with details provided to you by your service provider.

  • After doing the above changes click on Apply.

The other alternate way to configure the DSL Router is to use the Run Wizard provided in the Setup page.

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