How to configure RSS feeds from youtube channel in Outlook 2013

We had already seen the steps required for using Outlook as RSS reader. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to configure Outlook 2013 for viewing uploaded videos from YouTube channels. For this example we will be using RSS feed from DigitalAnswersTV YouTube channel.

Step 1: Replace the <username> in the below URL with the YouTube Channel username.<username>/uploads

For DigitalAnswersTV it is

Now if you are using Internet Explorer to view the RSS feeds, you should see feed details as shown below.


Step 2: Launch Outlook 2013, click File menu and navigate to Info menu screen.


Step 3: In the Info menu screen, click the Account Settings option.

Step 4: Navigate to RSS Feeds tab in the Account Settings screen and click New button.


Step 5: Now enter the feed URL that was obtained from Step 1 Then click the Add button in New RSS Feed window.


Step 6: In the RSS Feed Options window, provide a feed name and make required changes as per your Preferences for Delivery Location, Downloads and Update Limit.


Click OK button to complete the process of Adding YouTube channel RSS feed to Outlook 2013. Now if you navigate to RSS feeds folder (folder set under Delivery Location), you should see the RSS feeds from the YouTube channel.


By this way you can subscribe to YouTube channels in Outlook 2013.

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