How to configure vodafone 3g on iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S can be configured for Vodafone 3G connection using the iPhone Configuration Utility. This instruction has to be followed once Vodafone has activated 3G service for your number. Listed below are steps required for doing the same on Mac OS X system.

  1. Install iPhone Configuration Utility on the Mac system using this link –
  2. Now launch iPhone Configuration Utility, click the Configuration Profile section under Library.201204021817.jpg
  3. Navigate to General tab in the Configuration Profiles section and enter the details for Name and Identifier. Keep the identifier in this format com.<your name>.vodafone.3g.201204021821.jpg
  4. Then click the APN tab and enter the details for Access Point Name (APN) as portalnmms, Proxy Server as and port as 9401.201204021822.jpg
  5. Navigate to the top section in Configuration Profiles then right click and install the newly created configuration profile on your iPhone 4S 201204021828.jpg

This would allow you to use Vodafone 3G using your iPhone 4S.

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  • Karan August 8, 2012, 12:17 pm


    Thanks so much for the detailed and easy to use guide. I finally got 3g working on my phone. Really appreciate the work done by you.


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