How to convert video files to MP4 format using VLC Media Player

There are lots of applications available to convert the video file to MP4 format, rather than downloading these applications why not use the application that we already have in our computer?

Let’s see how to use VLC to convert video files to MP4 format, not sure this feature is present in all the versions of VLC. I use VLC media player 1.0.5, so better have this version to get this feature. If you don’t find this feature update your version by, Help -> Check for updates.

1. Open VLC Media Player

2. Click Media -> Streaming


3. You get this screen when you click the Streaming option


4. Now add the video files that you want to convert by clicking the Add button


5. When you are done with adding the video file, click the Stream button where you can find the option Convert.


6. Click Convert and you get the above screen where you have to select the Video format as MP4 [Video – MPEG-4 + AAC (MP4) ]


7. When you are done with the required settings, click Start button which will start the conversion.


8. This would of course take time depending on the file size that you have selected. Also the performance gets affected when the conversion takes place.


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  • Jim C January 9, 2012, 6:20 am

    When I follow these all I get is a PS file which am unable to use why

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