How to create a drop shadow effect using TextEdit on Mac

Mac users can use TextEdit app to create drop shadow effect for any text. Listed below are the steps for adding drop shadow effect to the text “Digital Answers”.

Step 1: Launch TextEdit and enter the text (Digital Answers) for which you want to add drop shadow effect.

Step 2: Set the text size to larger font size and align it to centre.


Step 3: Click the Format menu then select Font followed by Show Fonts. You can also use the Keyboard shortcut to launch Show Fonts window.



Step 4: Resize Show Fonts window to show the shadow controls.


Step 5: Now click button with Shadow option to add shadow effect to the text.


You can use the sliders to adjust the opacity, blur and offset for shadow effect. And use the angle option to specify the angle of light source.

Drop shadow effect on Mac

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